Agricultural inspection


Our agricultural inspection and testing teams, backed by a global network of laboratories and internationally recognised accreditations and certifications, are set up to respond rapidly to your request.
We cover monitoring, weighing, and sampling, as well as testing, verification and certification of agricultural products as following:
• Full range of vegetable oils and seeds, such as sunflower seed, soybean, rapeseed, palm, coconut and olive oil
• All types of grains and cereals, including wheat, corn, barley, rice and sorghum
• All types of pulses, including chickpeas, lentils and dry beans
• Other food and agricultural products including sugar, rice, cocoa, cotton
Our scope of services are offered across the supply chain, at fields, factories, warehouses and ports. These include:
Port Inspection:
Arotec provide a complete spectrum of inspection service at loading point on vessels and barges with permanent attendance in the frame of load compartment inspection (LCI), weighing, sampling according to international standards (GAFTA/FOSFA), hatch sealing, draft survey, basic quality/condition determination on the spot by qualified inspectors, delivery of samples to our laboratory for quick and reliable analysis results.
We provide a range of inspection services during shipment and at port, including:
• Sampling and analysis (according to industry methodologies and specifications: e.g. GAFTA).

• On-site grading and weighing
• Loading and discharge supervision
• Vessel hatches and holds inspection
• Draft surveys
• Stock and fumigation monitoring

Inland Inspection:
Arotec can provide a full range of inspection services at silo / warehouse at time of intake / delivery including weight control, quality / condition control, sampling and analysis, load compartment inspection (LCI) for truck and railcar.
We quarantee that our customers will be satisfied by our highest standards of accuracy, integrity and confidentially by our sophisticated and analytical reporting system that provides the most accurate data.
Our network of laboratories certified according to international standard ISO/IEC 17025 and its highly qualified staff can perform almost any requested analysis and enables us to maintain a consistent high quality of our services. On request we can offer dedicated mobile laboratories in order to bring analysis closest to origin / collecting points.