Technical Inspection


What are Technical Inspection Services?

Companies that manufacture and sell their industrial equipment and materials to outside countries must meet a variety of regulatory requirements that vary country-by-country. The need for quality, safety, and reliability are paramount as companies strive to meet the growing global demands for secure and sustainable sources of energy. Companies in diverse industries such as oil & gas, renewable energy, power generation, nuclear, chemical, petrochemical, mining, etc. require a technical services partner that is committed to helping them meet these needs.

Technical inspection activities have a wide range under the International Code & Standards, rules and specifications of the project, work guidelines of quality acceptance and customer satisfaction.

Quality assurance/quality control including stage-wise inspection is carried out in accordance with International Codes & Standards such as ISO, EN, IEC, ASME, ANSI, API, ASTM, AWS, NACE, TEMA, JIS, etc. By assigning highly qualified professional engineers, Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH can perform QA/QC inspection activities of project works which include as follows:

  • Verifying/checking of Project Quality Plan (PQP), Quality Assurance Plan (QAP), Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), etc. of contractors/vendors and advice of suggestion if necessary and approval to final acceptance of quality.
  • To ensure that contractors/vendors carry out work in accordance with their respective project quality plan (PQP), Quality Assurance Program (QAP), Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), etc.
  • Undertake inspection and witnessing of tests in compliance with the requirements of specification relevant codes & standards as per approval PQP, QAP, ITP, etc.
  • Inspection of materials, plant equipment, structures, at vendor work before dispatch.
  • Material Receiving Inspection, in-process inspection and final inspection & testing of fabrication of mechanical & process equipment, piping and structures, etc.
  • Witness and qualify welding procedures (WPS/PQR) and welder performance qualification (WPQ) as per ASME, API, and TEMA, AWS, etc. at shop fabrication and project site.
  • Inspection of receiving material, in-process inspection, final Inspection & testing of project work at the site.

Why Do You Need Technical Inspection Services?

It is recognized that not all companies have the in-house capability and or expertise to ensure the specifications and quality features of the products are compatible in respect to the requirements of the clients and International and Industry Standards.

A key issue in ensuring product compatibility and compliance in this respect is having a good understanding of these standards as well as technical understanding of production and testing and this is where Arotec Inspection Partner can assist.  It is our aim to reduce your risks by providing key technical inspection services, consulting and assistance where required.

Why Using Technical Inspection Services from Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

A commitment to understanding and meeting our customers’ needs and expectations lie at the heart of what we do. We have served global leading companies of energy industries for several years, providing world-class services such as inspection, expediting, and technical auditing. Utilizing these services assist our customers to ensure the quality of their products, processes, and assets.

As your Quality Assurance and Quality Control Technical Inspection Services partner, Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH can promise you access to experience, expertise and innovation of technical inspectors, expeditors, auditors, and coordinators that’s second to none.

You can trust us to supply technical services that add value, whatever the situation is. We have many years of experience serving as a TPIA partner with a focus on the technical inspection of mechanical and electrical equipment of energy industries such as oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, etc., delivering quality and safety solutions on a global scale.

With staff strategically located in Europe’s major industrial centers, we’re primed to be on-site wherever you operate. We understand that you, your team and the inspection site could be in entirely different time zones, which is why we have developed innovative real-time reporting systems to keep you in the loop.

We have extensive hands-on experience in technical inspection of industrial machinery, equipment, and products applicable to different industries such as oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, power generation, renewable energy, etc. and can offer independent third-party inspection services in accordance with internationally recognized codes, standards, design specifications and project technical requirements.  This ensures that ordered equipment, materials and goods have been manufactured in compliance with the clients’ specifications and other applicable quality system requirements.

Arotec Inspection Partner’s Industrial Technical Inspection Services group members are problem solvers and process experts, supplying customers with individual and comprehensive one-stop solutions to ensure that your equipment not only meets required standards but is also safe to use and distribute.

With experience in inspection of quite a lot of industrial products such as mechanical static equipment (heat exchangers, pressure vessels, boilers, drums, valves, etc.), mechanical rotary equipment (pumps, compressors, turbines, generators, blowers, agitators, etc.), and electrical equipment

(induction motors, switchgears, transformers, surge arresters, etc.), we are equipped to help you meet the needs of today and the future.

We Are:

  • A global company with a wide international footprint
  • Experienced and reliable with numerous qualified experts

We have:

  • Reputation and track record
  • Flexibility, reaction time, customer care
  • Competent and highly skilled workforce
  • Dedicated tools to manage inspections all around Europe

We Offer:

  • Reliable and effective technical inspection/surveillance services across Europe
  • A full range of bundled multi-disciplinary services.
  • Proven track record to meet large project demands

What Are the Main Benefits of Technical Inspection Services are offered by Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

Benefiting from technical inspection services of Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH would verify and certify that your products, machinery and equipment are manufactured in compliance with all your specified requirements and with statutory and contractual obligations, international codes and standards.

We provide technical inspection of your industrial equipment and components to help you:

  • Ensure that your products have been manufactured according to the required quality and procedures with professional verification and inspection
  • Control the conformity of your products, machinery and equipment with technical and purchase specifications, material requisitions, codes, standards and other relevant contractual documents
  • Be certain that your products are properly packed, handled and secured during shipment

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH is a trusted and leading provider of independent technical inspection and verification services. We help owners and operators confirm the safety, reliability and structural/mechanical integrity of assets and operations.

Our full range of integrated services includes third-party technical inspection, expediting, and auditing for construction projects with worldwide customers and end-users.

We’ll assess the condition, functionality, efficiency and safety of equipment and products so you are confident in their current and future condition and compliant with the latest technical requirements, project specifications, international codes and standards.

We will:

  • Assure the development and continued operation of a project, which depends on the right quality of equipment, products and components delivered by vendors
  • Verify the conformity with the requirements of applicable international or national codes, standards and technical specifications stated in the contract between client and manufacturer, before the products are dispatched.
  • Detect eventual defects at the source
  • Determinate in advance the compliance with client expectations, in order to minimize or avoid safety issues and the risk of extra costs, due to subsequent failures at the site.

What Kinds of Technical Inspection Services are offered by Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

As one of the best providers of technical inspections, we are the first choice for clients looking to assure quality across Europe. We offer you unrivaled experience, expertise, resources and a unique global network. As a result, we can provide trained and qualified technical specialists to verify your products and process quality fast.

Our technical inspection services include:

  • Engineering Review and Design Verification
  • Source/Procurement Inspection and Expediting
  • Manufacturing process inspection
  • Visual & Dimensional inspection
  • Welding & NDE inspection
  • Coating inspection and failure analysis
  • Hydrostatic & Pneumatic Pressure tests
  • FAT, Performance & Functional Inspections
  • Cranes and Lifting Equipment Inspection
  • Routine, Type, and Special Electrical tests
  • Documentation review
  • Quality inspection of final products
  • Packing and loading inspection
  • Storing and handling inspection


Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH is focused on the provision of Technical Inspection Services in support of new equipment manufacture and maintains its position as a recognized leader in the provision of competent and qualified Technical Inspection Services. Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH tailored global workflow management systems, experienced coordination staff and innovative, reporting techniques, ensure client satisfaction.


With projects becoming more complex and moving into more challenging environments, it can be increasingly difficult to verify what project requirements are needed and how to meet them. Our technical experts know how to simplify this process for you. We can help verify that a project meets the appropriate design specifications and local requirements and incorporates the latest international codes. At the end of a project, we can help validate that the project you commissioned is delivering according to expectations.

Project Quality Management

Whether referred to as project supervision, construction management, owner’s representation or a number of other project-specific terms, Project Quality Management (PQM) is an essential oversight function that monitors and confirms adherence to project specifications, standards and requirements. Since each project is unique, our PQM services are driven by your needs.

Equipment Certification

Equipment must function within the specified operational limits and with an acceptable level of confidence for suppliers and users to comply with industry standards and local regulatory requirements. Our team is experienced to handle your equipment and product certification needs to help you maintain the appropriate levels of reliability, functionality and safety for systems, equipment, software, structures and procedures.

Mechanical Integrity

Our mechanical integrity engineers can verify the design integrity of process equipment; help clients design, develop and implement programs to help confirm the ongoing integrity of process equipment for compliance with applicable design codes, technical standards and project specifications; and assist with any underlying operational risk issues that need to be addressed to make assets safer, more reliable and compliant.

New Equipment Supply

With the development of international supply chains and an increasing trend for sourcing equipment from non-historic, lower-cost providers to the industry, the need for expedient, technical expertise at the vendors’ facilities is ever more critical to the success of a project. With expert technical specialists in key disciplines of materials, fabricated structures, tanks and static pressure equipment, pipeline and piping systems, process/rotating machinery, complemented by specific process expertise in welding and fabrication, nondestructive examination (NDE), etc. Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH ensures the assignment of the correct technical specialist to conduct inspection activities on the equipment being purchased and the manufacturing process being employed.

Procurement Support

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH chain support services range from supplier selection, supplier evaluation assessments, purchase order and technical document reviews, through to manufacturing surveillance by technical inspections, expediting and technical auditing wherever products or materials are procured