Cargo Inspection


What is Cargo Inspection Service and why do you need this?

Cargo inspection services are of great benefit to both companies and their customers before the product has left the shipping yard or even the factory floor. It reduces the risk of loss exposure with assured cargo quality inspection before the shipment leaves the shipping yard – or even the production facility. At Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH Cargo Inspection, we offer international cargo inspection services during the custody transfer, warehouse operations, and transportation as per the global industry standards with independent inspection and testing.

As a professional cargo inspection service provider, we assist our clients with initial cargo audit, inspection, testing, verification, loading supervision. A team of professionals inspects your cargo thoroughly to ensure packing and materials are appropriate for transportation and cargo handling during transit.

After fabrication or production of the order is complete, our inspectors/surveyors and experts will visit the supplier and perform a final cargo inspection and verify as well as loading supervision. During these cargo inspection and verification phases, order details are appraised, assessed, audited, verified, surveyed, witness tested, measured, weighed, tallied, etc. to check the inclusion of goods/check materials/ check specification of and to check if packing and marking are appropriate.

During the cargo inspection procedure, our inspectors/surveyors look at the following details:

  • Order accuracy verification
  • Product defects
  • Packaging quality
  • Transit-packaging materials
  • Product safety
  • Cargo labeling and documentation
  • Cargo loading procedures
  • Shipping crate quality

After an approved cargo inspection service, a cargo inspection certification will be issued to provide a prompt for the customer to sign off and arrange final payment. All findings are presented in a comprehensive report provided by our inspectors upon completion. With the demonstration of our high expertise in the field, we are strong advocates of business ethical values, ensuring a smooth sampling operation that is truly representative of the cargo as a whole with assurance.

What are the benefits of Cargo Inspection Services of Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

Cargo inspection services are critical for maintaining your business reputation and profitability by improving customer satisfaction and lowering return costs. We help you achieve high ratings and real profit gains with product quality, shipment accuracy, and on-time delivery in an effective manner. With more satisfied customers, your product return costs reduce exponentially which results in quick business growth.

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH provides international cargo inspection services at various stages of cargo shipment operations. We have a team of professional, qualified, and experienced inspectors to provide an accurate report on your cargo inspection in accordance with market regulations. We provide complete and accurate reports on product quality, packaging standards, appropriate labeling and documentation, and cargo loading procedures as per your business requirements.

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH recommends cargo control/audit and verification to ensure the following conditions:

  • Quality cargo inspection to secure and assure appropriately as your requirement and specification;
  • Quantity cargo inspection to secure and assure appropriately as P.O during loading into container or ship’s holds;
  • Short cargo inspection to prevent a shortage of quantity/weight/volume as your requirement;
  • Packing cargo inspection to secure and appropriate after dispatch from the supplier;
  • Documents cargo shipment inspection to ensure documentation is appropriate and acceptable;
  • Entire cargo inspection to prevent any final problems or potential problems.

Our cargo inspectors/ cargo surveyor can check, count and review quality with required specifications and ensure packing, marking, shipment preparation are accurate and secure and specifications can provide inspection and verify certificates if required as per the Letter of Credit.

Arotec Inspection Partner team of experts understand both the product and the risks associated with various travel conditions; and therefore, can prevent potential product damage from occurring through the careful packaging, loading and warehousing of your cargo.

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH has teams of experienced IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) certified surveyors working at ports and storage locations across Europe. Our surveyors use only industry-accepted sampling techniques to perform independent measurements and assurance that the required product specifications have been attained. All backed up by the relevant national/international standards certification you need (ASTM, ASME, API, ISO, EN, IP, etc).

Inspection occurs during critical transportation, custody transfer and storage operations. With this internationally and locally recognized certificate of inspection/analysis in hand, you can assure all trading parties of the quantity and quality of your cargo and provide confidence in your product.

What Kinds of Cargo Inspection Services Are Offered by Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH offers a wide range of inspection, testing, control, calibration and other special services to the trade of commodities – Oil & Gas and Agriculture & Food Industry. We have a team of certified and experienced surveyors supporting accurate cargo inspection and testing. Our inspection services cover various aspects of specifications and requirements in compliance as well as to protect the interest of our clients and their high commodity cargoes while significantly minimizing any losses amongst the operations. In today’s competitive market, we offer the best pricing strategies to provide a win-win situation with our clients in mind.

High-value bulk commodities like crude oil, fuels, grains, edible oils and many other products are measured, analyzed and verified for shipment and inventory control by quantity and quality measurements.

  • Quantity Inspection Services
  • Quality Testing
  • Expertise advice on the blending of Biofuel, Palm Oil, UCO, ULO, etc.
  • Expediting Services
  • Collateral Management and Warehousing
  • Blending Expertise
  • Cargo Additives Services

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo surveyors, experts and inspectors are confident to do the cargo inspection for all types of goods, cargo, products from Agriculture products, consumer goods, food-stuffing products, handicraft furniture, forest product, sea products, and feed foods to industrial equipment, electrical devices, cargo of project, etc.

  • Place of inspection services

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo surveyors, experts and inspectors are confident to provide the cargo inspection and verify anywhere for cities to countries all around Europe.

  • Time of inspection services

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH surveyors, experts and inspectors do attend immediately at the site to conduct inspection services for your cargo to protect your rights.

  • Other cargo and goods inspection services

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo surveyors, experts and cargo inspectors also conduct cargo inspection/audit and verify for you to protect your right as cargo damage survey services of dispute, estimated damaged and causing of damage at the destination, and also, cargo loss inspection services of insurance claim as third-party cargo expertise.

Laboratory Testing & Analysis

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH works with the state-of-the-art laboratories in Europe, offering independent laboratory testing and teams of experienced IFIA certified inspectors providing cargo inspection services across Europe, offering 24/7 inspection coordination and reporting services in Europe’s major ports, refineries, and storage production regions. The testing laboratories conform to ASTM, ISO and other industry standards.

Our cargo inspection services reduce commodity cargo trading risks with independent inspection and testing. Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH helps to protect high-value bulk commodity cargos, significantly reducing the risk of loss exposure to the trading parties involved.

PSI and CLC Cargo Inspection Services by Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH

With years of experience and success in the shipping business, Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH provides professional cargo inspection services to ensure lower return costs and customer satisfaction. We offer both pre-shipment inspection services (PSI) and cargo container loading check (CLC) to lower the loss value after the shipment. We measure, analyze, and verify the inventory and shipment quantity and quality by following the accepted industry and regulatory methods and practices.

PSI and CLC services are important parts of cargo inspection services and can be performed at different stages of production and logistic operations such as cargo shipment, transit, and transfer. As an independent cargo inspection service provider, we ensure the quality, security, and safety of your cargo with utmost accuracy. We understand all the risks associated with various freight services and prevent potential losses from occurring through careful inspection of packaging and loading quality and procedures.

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection Services (PSI)

A Pre-Shipment Inspection Service (PSI) is a systematic inspection of product units, selected at random before the production batch leaves the factory.

At this critical quality control stage, our inspectors/surveyors look at details such as:

  • Order accuracy verification (product type and quantity)
  • Product defects
  • Packaging quality
  • Product safety
  • Accurate labeling and documentation in accordance with market regulations
  • Container Loading Check on Cargo (CLC)

Container Loading Check (CLC) share similar features with PSI, such as verification on quantity, documentation, and labeling.

Additionally, our inspectors will monitor external factors surrounding the product, such as cargo loading procedures, transit-packaging materials and the quality of the shipping crate. Quality control inspectors may also monitor drop testing procedures and report results.

CLCs can be performed at various stages of cargo transit and transfer. However, a CLC is considered most critical before it is committed to shipment abroad, under the scrutiny and guidance of an experienced, third-party inspector.

Cargo Inspection Details and Steps

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo inspectors and/or surveyors examine cargo descriptions from shipping documents and select containers or vessels, ships to inspect, before delivery. Our inspectors/surveyors then ensure that the cargo matches the description in the documentation as such specification of cargoes. When wrongly rated cargoes/containers or vessels, ships are identified and found in unsuitable condition and different from/to indented use, the consultancies of inspectors and surveyors to concerning parties to implement Corrective Actions amount and hold the containers, vessels or ships until the correct corrective actions are implemented appropriately. This service helps provide a level playing field for all customers. An executive from a major ocean carrier remarked that “cargo inspection services are worth to saves the trade millions of dollars”

Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo inspectors and surveyors measure cargoes for accurate dimensions (specifications about raw material, packaging, cargoes). The aim is to provide a neutral measurement result that all concerning parties can agree on. These inspectors usually a sampling of cargoes to test quality and items at a standard laboratory before the vessel loads/unloads and report the results to the carrier for their follow-up.

Cargo Quality Control plays a more important role which may not be discharged if there is any damage or import control on your suppliers. Our inspectors would assure that the quality and count ordered by you is arriving safely in the port of discharge. After approval is received by local authorities we would open your vessel, container, check its contents for quantity, size and quality, and if everything is in line with your order the container will be released to the final destination. If your suppliers did not follow your instructions we would hold the container pending your further instructions.

Cargo inspection in detail occurs during critical pre-production, production, final production, loading into containers, vessel, transportation custody transfer and storage operations, discharging, damage, loss and claim.

Step 1: Cargo inspection is carried out at the premise/vendor /source suppliers measuring cargo quantity and quality. Commodity cargos are inspected and tested:

  • Audit factory services, product audit services, product verification/audit services
  • Initial production inspection services or pre-production inspection services
  • During production inspection services or in-progress production inspection services
  • Final inspection services (80% to 100%)
  • 100% full inspection services or pre-shipment inspection services
  • Quantity and quality, Commodity cargos inspected and tested
  • Sampling, Sealing, collecting documents of shipment

We also provide defect product inspection services and following up re-inspection

Step 2: Cargo Loading Supervision Services of Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH are implemented at departure as the premise/vendor /source, loading port and place of exporters, suppliers

  • Cargo Container loading supervision services
  • Cargo Vessel loading supervision services
  • Tally services
  • Lasing and securing supervision services
  • Suitable container inspection services for transportation
  • Suitable vessel, ship inspection services for transportation
  • Sealing and securing inspection services before departure

Step 3: Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH cargo inspection can be performed at the destination as discharging port, warehouse of the consignee, buyers, and import countries:

  • Witness Breaking seals, Unlashing, unlock
  • Cargo Container un-stuffing/discharging supervision services
  • Cargo Vessel discharging supervision
  • Tally services
  • Prevention lose/damage supervision services during discharging
  • Out-turn cargo inspection/survey services
  • Cargo Container Damage inspection/survey services
  • Cargo Vessel Damage Survey/inspection services
  • Claim cargo inspection/ survey services
  • Sampling and testing services