Third Party Expediting Services for Industrial Projects


Manufacturing and the supply chain process have gotten more complicated and competitive. As a result, multinational project procurement, administration, and coordination have grown increasingly difficult. As a result, “expediting” shows to be extremely beneficial in the manufacturing process and in the evaluation of manufacturing production plans. Any delay in the delivery of long-lead items might have an impact on the entire supply chain. As a result, delays might raise risks and expenses. To ensure that the project is delivered on time, expediting services go above and beyond, checking on suppliers, conducting progress inspections, and reporting on real-time conditions and decisions made to meet the deadline.
Our expediting services ensure that your suppliers meet their deadlines, keeping your project on track. AROTEC is your eyes and ears as an expediting partner, working with every link in your supply chain to keep you on track. Our skilled, vetted personnel provide clients with the necessary experience, know-how, and communication to keep their projects on track. The vendors provide us with delivery dates, which we confirm.
Furthermore, we thoroughly examine all areas of their engineering, manufacturing, procurement, inspection, packaging, and shipment preparation schedules to verify that they satisfy contractual requirements and delivery deadlines.

What is Expediting Service?

As manufacturing and supply chain processes become more complex and competitive, procurement, management and coordination of international projects prove to be increasingly challenging. The expediting adds value to the projects of customers through the inspection of manufacturers and assessment of manufacturing production plans and capacity.

Any delay in delivery of long-lead items can affect the entire supply chain, increasing risks, and costs. Ensuring the project on the time schedule, the expediting services are even more strategic, by inspecting/checking suppliers progress and reporting on real-time situations and decisions taken to meet the schedule.

With numerous suppliers involved in your supply chain, keeping the customers’ projects on schedule is a challenge. Delayed delivery of materials, products or equipment prevents the projects from being completed on time and budget. Our expediting services keep your project firmly on schedule by ensuring that your suppliers deliver.

Expediting visit
Expediting visit to assess the vendor’s workload on the assembly line of Ash Handling System Blowers

Why do you need expediting service?

Expediting is a real-time task, which often demands proactive responses to situations as they occur. In many cases, it’s impossible to be on-site with every supplier around the world, so there is a need for trusted local expeditors with in-depth knowledge of procurement, production and delivery processes.

Large-scale projects and the supply of critical goods and equipment can involve complex international supply chains, with items procured from suppliers in multiple countries. Late delivery from any supplier can have an adverse effect on the whole chain, preventing projects from being completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Expediting means taking any action necessary to ensure that deliveries are made on time and to specification.

To achieve project goals, field and desk expediting and project monitoring should play a major role in professional project planning and management. We at Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH inspect suppliers and manufacturers and assess manufacturing production plans and capacities employing our network all around Europe. Our full range of expediting services will help you ensure that final delivery is made on time.

Non-Return Valves (NRV)
Expediting visit the purpose of manufacturing progress evaluation of Non-Return Valves (NRV)

Why use expediting services by Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

Effective expediting ensures delivery of your product is completed on schedule, saves money by actively working to improve delivery times, and reduces the risks associated with delays in the supply chain. As a global provider of expediting services, the reputation of Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH is built on our experience working on some of the largest and most technical projects with the leading and most globally renowned TPI agencies such as TÜV NORD, TÜV Rheinland, TÜV SÜD, SGS, DNV.GL, Lloyd’s Register, APPLUS, Intertek, Bureau Veritas, etc. Our global network of highly qualified expeditors gives you access to expertise and valuable local knowledge, wherever your suppliers are located in the European countries.

As an expediting partner, Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH is your eyes and ears, working with every link in your supply chain to keep you on schedule. Our experienced and qualified professionals offer clients the experience, expertise, knowledge and communication necessary to make sure that the clients’ project remains on schedule. We obtain and reconfirm delivery dates from the suppliers. In addition, we comprehensively survey all aspects of their procurement, engineering, manufacturing, inspection, packaging, and shipment preparation schedules to ensure they meet their contractual provisions and delivery times.

Executing a good and accurate and valid expediting service requires expeditors to be skilled in many areas. Arotec Inspection Partner has a large number of competent and experienced expeditors who are strategically located around Europe’s most active industrial centers, ready to work directly with your suppliers and sub-suppliers to ensure your materials and equipment are delivered on time and according to the required specifications.

Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger
Field Expediting of Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger for checking the status of production, inspection, packing schedule

Our comprehensive expediting services help you to avoid delays and ensure compliance with contractual conditions and specifications as well as applicable international codes and standards. Our experts actively keep an eye on the deadlines and manufacturing schedule to help you reach defined project milestones and ensure that equipment, materials and components arrive at the right place, at the right time. We also help you prevent long capital stock and safeguard company reliability and integrity. Our experts work with you to set timelines and meet payment and delivery deadlines. We promptly identify potential bottlenecks and threats to avoid costly delays and liability penalties.

In particular, our expeditors will:

  • Follow through a vendor and its sub-vendors to ensure keep the schedules on time. The same goes for other parties such as contractors, consulting companies, engineering and logistic parties who may need expediting to maintain the schedule.
  • Challenge delays and pursue the milestones as per the manufacturing schedules and ensure whether manufacturing has taken place in accordance with the project schedule and meets the promised and contractual delivery times.
  • Highlight any outstanding or pending matters regarding delivery time and technical/engineering/commercial problems
  • Propose and take actions/recommendation solutions to prevent delays or improve delivery.
  • Act professionally at all times and deliver the highest service level and generate the appropriate expediting reports in the expected timeframes.
Expediting of the Flow control
Expediting of the Flow control valve of Air Dryer Units with focus on vendor engineering documents, manufacturing status, and impacts on delivery

Our expediting services cover every phase of your production process, enabling you to:

  • Keep up-to-date with your project with periodic status reports tailored to meet your specific needs
  • Identify areas that may cause potential delays. If delays do occur, we implement quick counter-measures to help you avoid further postponement
  • Ensure that materials and equipment are delivered on time and fulfill contractual delivery terms
overall planning
Expediting of procurement status, overall planning, workload assessment, and delay prevention action for Gas Compressors Skid Packages

What kind of Expediting Services do we offer in Arotec Inspection Partner GmbH?

Our expediting services include preventative checks designed to detect and prevent potential delays. This process includes, but is not limited to, order verification, review of engineering and documentation completion and approval status, review of procurement production schedules and specifications, review of inspection and test plans and schedules, as well as validation of packaging and shipping preparation details. We monitor production, making you aware of any delays or revisions, and give you an independent overview of progress. We also help to manage production milestones and work to get things back on schedule if deadlines are missed or any unforeseen delay is caused.

Here at Arotec Inspection Partner, we supply you with plenty of Expediting services that include, but are not limited to:

Desk Expediting:

We perform monitoring of order progress at specific milestone points. This activity is carried out offsite and consists in monitoring the issuance of the required documents, the suborders issue, the progress of the fabrication and materials delivered on-site.

Field Expediting:

During the field expediting activities at vendors’ premises, we assure that the progress of the process of engineering, procurement, fabrication, supplier workload, and delivery are all in line with contractual milestones and conditions, the actual order status in any particular time interval, and also, any areas of concern are well-identified.

Project Coordination and Monitoring:

We do project coordination which is established, jointly with the customer. We coordinate the plan of visits and the level of required services and coordinate the inspectors providing them the necessary information, documentation and instruction to perform the expediting and inspection activities. We provide comprehensive support along the entire supply chain, including follow-up on major project milestones and deadlines.

Expediting activities aiming to check the manufacturing progress status of Pedestal Crane
Expediting activities aiming to check the manufacturing progress status of Pedestal Crane

We, in detail, can offer you a wide variety of services and activities in the form of TPI Expediting Services which are explained below:

  • Monitor the progress of the production process at the supplier, and the progress of the order
  • Quality verification and compliance with the requirements
  • Verification of compliance with the set deadlines
  • Ensure that the requested products arrive on time, and on the sites and with the expected quality contents
  • Verify that suppliers comply with the requirements of the customer order
  • Verification of compliance with terms and delivery times
  • Verification of all aspects of the supply
  • Update to customers on the actual progress of the order
  • Production control
  • Verification of the production process to meet the requirements and specifications defined and obliged by corresponding standards (qualitative, binding, environmental, etc.)
  • Quality control, with verification of the functioning of the components against specific requests, both in terms of measurements and in terms of compliance with customer standards
  • Packaging and shipping control with a visual inspection of the goods and a verification of compliance with the packaging and shipping specifications
  • Verification of compliance with the project deadlines, ensuring compliance with the deadlines and verification of the crucial aspects of the supply
visit of Combustion Air Blower
Expediting visit of Combustion Air Blower for checking the final assembly, packing and shipping preparation

Who can use Expediting Services of Arotec Inspection Partner?

  • Multinational incorporations and consortiums
  • Companies that work on an international scale
  • Companies with suppliers located all over Europe
  • Manufacturers, who require our presence and experience in order to monitor the correct and regular progress of specific orders made to their suppliers
  • Companies with large-scale projects, large construction projects, power plants, refineries, etc. where delays can lead to problems and major problems
  • Engineering and consulting companies