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Arotec Inspection Partner

is a global inspection solution company with headquarter in Mönchengladbach in Germany. Arotec provides inspection and quality assurance services in main industries such as Chemical Industries, Construction and Engineering Industries, Energy and Commodities Industries, Food and Healthcare Industries, Medical Industries, Textile Industries and other Industries....

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Professional Inspection

We provide all kind of Inspection and Expediting Services

We provide third party and second party inspections, Outsourcing quality control and Expediting for you

Pre-Shipment Inspection
Pre-Shipment Inspection

Arotec pre-shipment inspection (PSI) service will carry out randomly or completely on fully finished goods as required.

Technical Inspection
Technical Inspection

Arotec technical inspection services provide expert inspection teams for technical site and plant inspection in different main industries.

Cargo Inspections
Cargo Inspections

Arotec inspects storage tanks and warehouses and monitors your goods throughout the transportation process, from pre-shipment to export.


Arotec expediting services enable your projects to proceed as scheduled and aid in minimizing delays and costly product deficiency issues which could impact project deadlines.

Agricultural inspection
Agricultural inspection

Our teams, backed by a global network of laboratories and internationally recognised accreditations and certifications, are set up to respond rapidly to your request.

Outsourcing Quality Control
Outsourcing Quality Control

We carry out customized operational quality controls for your production line. Discharge for your Company from an external and neutral entity.

Our Mission & Values


We will dedicate ourselves to continually improving the quality of our services by focusing on skills of our staff and our technical abilities experiences and educating.
To be the first choice of costumers, who demand the highest standards of quality and service.

To possess the most qualified and innovative team of professionals for inspection industry.

We aim to be the most competitive and the most productive service organization in Asia & Europe countries. Our core competences in Inspection, Verification, Quality Management Systems Consultancy, Testing and Certification are being continuously improved to be best-in-class.

solely determined by our ability to be the most competitive and to consistently deliver unequalled service to our customers, both locally and transnationally.


– Cooperate association

– Business excellence through quality

– Humility & willingness to learn

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Frequently Asked

Answer Your Questions

Technical Inspection, Pre-Shipment Inspection, Cargo Inspection, Expediting, Mineral Inspection, Marin Inspection

Our professional and technical team and inspectors in Europe especially in Germany, Netherland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and other European countries helps us to provide our inspection services as soon as possible.

AROTEC provides inspection and quality assurance services in main industries such as Chemical Industries, Construction and Energy Industries, Energy and Commodities Industries, Food and Healthcare Industries, Medical Industries, Textile Industries and other Industries.

Fast and reliable! Our team of experts will take care of your request from the first point until the last step. Our professional coordinators will receive your request, our expert inspectors will perform the inspection, our technical committee will control the process and you will have the best result in a fastest possible period.

Trust is good, control is better. Also and especially so in the course of a long business relationship the quality level does not decrease and you can continue to maintain a good relationship with your suppliers. Pre-shipment inspections also have a kind of "educational character": The regular inspection automatically means that more attention is paid to quality than usual.

Simple and fast! Just send your request, we will process your inquiry in less than two hours and offer you competitive rates. After confirmation of the inspector and the rate, we will take care of everything.

The inspector's cost, transport, accommodation, food, reporting, and taxes

Our experts are ready 24/7 to support you.

We will book the expert for 3 days, free of charge.

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ISO 9001-2015 Certificate
24 hours and 365 days services
Use our very good Global Coverage
Sophisticated Experts
Sending Report during max. 24 hours
Wide range of Inspector/ Expeditor qualification

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