Second Party Inspection

It is expected that the material and items you have received from sub-vendors/partner companies do not meet your expectations and would cause a delay in production. Many suggest getting ISO 10204 3.2 certified items/materials to avoid this, but assigning an inspector to attend the tests is too expensive and time-consuming.
With our well-distributed network of professional inspectors, you have the possibility to perform the inspections as soon as you request with a reasonable price.
If you need additional personnel to carry out system monitoring as second party inspection under your umbrella and following your instructions by your vendors and subcontractors, AROTEC can work as a part of your team on a needs based basis, offering the flexibility to respond to unexpected spikes in demand or other unusual circumstances. Whether for a one-off project or as ongoing support, our engineers can work with you on-site to provide accurate and reliable results wherever and whenever you need us. Most of our expert testing and inspection teams have decades of documented experience in various industries and sectors, including the petrochemical, chemical, oil & gas industries, and power plants.