Marine Inspections

Arotec inspection services provide complete marine inspection services. Our certified inspection professionals have the specific knowledge and experience to ensure your project is done right the first time. Marine inspections are performed in accordance with job specifications and applicable standards. Our customers feel confident that they can rely on our surveys, undertaken by a highly experienced and qualified team. Our inspections are thorough, nondestructive, and adhere to all current marine industry regulations. Vessel condition is thoroughly analyzed, and comprehensive solutions are provided.

The entire report, with pictures and video is securely posted on the web for viewing by the client from office, home or various offices. A standard, full inspection report covers the below items, complete with supporting documents and photographic evidence of the condition, noting any concerns together with recommended remedial actions.

Arotec vessel inspections services are covered under the following Key domains:

  • Pre-Purchase inspections
  • Condition inspections
  • Pre-and Post-Finance inspections
  • Pre-Vetting Inspections
  • Scrap voyage assessment inspections
  • Casualty and Damage Investigations
  • P&I Inspections
  • Flag State Inspection
  • Class Record Inspections
  • Off hire and On hire Surveys
  • Vessel Particulars
  • Vessel Performance
  • Vessel Operation Condition
  • Planned Maintenance Systems and Status
  • Class Status together with attached COC’s and Memos
  • Hull Structural and Cosmetic Condition a.
  • Deck & Deck Machinery Condition
  • Cargo & Ballast Space Structural and Cosmetic Condition
  • Machinery Spaces Operational and Cosmetic Condition
  • Accommodation and Navigation Spaces Condition and Operational Status
  • General Condition of Vessels
  • Draft survey for bulk commodities on the vessels & barges
  • Ullage survey for liquid & gas materials on the vessels or shore tanks
  • Condition survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear/ hull, grab, pre-loading & after loading, presales for marine fleet
  • Bunker survey
  • Damage survey on cargo, container, vessel’s gear /hull
  • Cargo lashing & securing condition survey on general cargoes
  • Tallying on packed, bagged, bundled cargoes, barrel, tin, box, case, crate, roll, reel & palletized commodities
  • To do services in general management of ocean going and tankers vessels
  • Planning and optimizing of shipbuilding process using progressive methods and mechanism of advanced shipbuilders.

If required additional in-house specialized services, are available to further enhance the inspection report inclusive of:

  • Fuel & Lubricating Oil Analysis
  • Thermographic and Vibrational Analysis
  • Structural Strength