Mineral Inspection


Mineral services department of Arotec GmbH provides independent Mineral inspection services including visual inspection, cargo weight control, sampling, laboratory services using accredited laboratories, packaging inspection, sealing reservoirs, containers and storages.

Our Mineral Inspection services in this section includes:

  • Draft survey (quantity measurement of bulk cargo-dry products)
  • Visual inspection of mineral commodities in mines, depot and warehouses
  • Weight ascertainment through supervising weights and vessel loading/discharge operations
  • Sampling from mines or depot during loading/discharge operations, preparing the samples according to relevant standards
  • Laboratory services with the help of accredited laboratories or witnessing the tests
  • Inspection of Packaging and labeling conditions
  • Inspection of commodities upon discharging from ship, container, wagons and trucks for condition of cargo including packaging, labelling, surface conditions, stowage and visible damages
  • Supervision of loading including inspection of ship’s repository and water tightness of hatch covers
  • Cargo damage survey in ship repository or shore warehouses